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5 Moves He Won’t Forget in Bed

I’m going to be real with you right now, ladies. No guy is going want the exact same thing in bed. There is no “holy grail” move or position that’s going to make his eyes bulge out of his head in pure ecstasy. I hate to break it to you (no really, though), that’s just not how sex works.

The truth is that all guys are different and you have to find out what he likes best by trial and error and even *gasp* asking him. However, there are certain things that the majority of guys find alluring in the sack that you just have to try. These moves may not make his eyes roll back in the back of his head so he’s lost in a land of pleasure, BUT he will love them and more importantly…he won’t forget them.

1. Use Your Mouth, Woman!

I don’t think this needs much explaining, but there are still ladies out there who refuse to go down on their man. Makes no sense to me, but still. If you expect him to go down on you but you refuse to return the favor, that’s just downright rude. C’mon, ladies! Believe me when I say he’ll definitely remember that.

2. Reverse it

If you haven’t tried out reverse cowgirl on your man, you’re missing out on an opportunity to wow him! Honestly, this position gives him a great view, it feels great for him, and you’re in charge – which is super sexy. So start in cowgirl and then turn it around for a night he really won’t forget.

3. Kegels Are Your Friend

Here’s a little secret for all you ladies looking to surprise your man with please. You know those little Kegels exercises you’re supposed to do to keep your lady bits nice and snug? Do those when he’s in you and watch how much he enjoys it. He’ll not only be flabbergasted as to how you’re doing that, but it’ll give the sex that little extra something.

4. Get a Mirror Properly Placed

This isn’t so much a move you can do as something you should prepare. Placing a mirror in JUST the right place can give your man a view he will certainly never forget. Put one across from your bed, next to it, or better yet, on the ceiling. Letting your man get a view of him in the act will make it all the better. It’s like watching porn…in action!

5. Slow it Down

Fast sex is always great and it’s going to obviously feel amazing for both him and you, but it may go by a little too fast if you’re not careful. As much as he enjoys it, he’ll also be stressed that he’ll uh…finish…too early. That being said, take control and slow down the tempo. Really let him feel all of it in order to fully enjoy it. This will also buy you some more time.

Nobody is the same in between the sheets and you’ll have to make sure to do some digging in order to discover what your man really wants. All in all, these moves will at the very least show him something worth remembering and most likely repeating.

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