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This is How You Should be Pleasing Your Woman

I want to make something perfectly clear: guys, you’re probably not pleasing your woman as much as you think you are. Harsh? A little. True? Absolutely. A widely known fact about guys is that they tend to feel a little more confident than they should.

I think most ladies would agree. That being said, I’m not just here to poke fun at all of you incompetent men. I’m sure you’re perfectly satisfactory in the bedroom. However, I’m sure if someone (*raises hand*) would be so kind as to give you a few pointers, you’d be more than willing to take them. Especially if it’s all coming from a girl herself, right? Right! So here it goes, fellas.

1. Learn the Female Anatomy

You know exactly what I’m talking about. The G-spot. The Clitoris. And for those of you who think that’s some type of dinosaur, literally Google it. Right now. Before you continue because you’ll need to know what it is if you ever hope to please a woman. That being said, you need to find out where these two vital things are, and then FOCUS ON THEM. That’ll please your woman.

2. Be Down to Get Down

Speaking of clits, you have to be willing to go down on your woman. I mean really guys? It’s not that hard and if you want her to go down on you, you’ve got to be willing to return the favor. And stay down there for a considerable amount of time. Don’t just wet your lips and give up. She’ll thank you for it, believe me.

3. Listen and Watch Her

Girls are very obvious about what they like and what they don’t like. Want to know why? Because she wants you to please her. Who wouldn’t? Therefore, watch her reactions and listen to her when she tells you she wants you to keep going. I repeat, the words, “keep going,” DO NOT mean it’s time to switch things up.

4. Take Control

I’ll be honest here, girls like a man in control. There’s something really sexy about a man grabbing you and putting you right where he wants. So don’t be a shy person in the sheets. Tell your girl what to do and take control every now and then. She’ll like it.

5. Be Vocal – Just Not Too Vocal

You know what’s really awkward during sex? Silence. If you’re just humping away with no sounds coming out of your mouth…it’s a little off putting. Not to mention she may think you’re not enjoying yourself. For crying out loud, CRY OUT LOUD. Make some sort of noises of pleasure and even talk a bit. Dirty talk never hurt anyone…so long as you know what to say.

Bonus Tip: Ask Her What She Wants

She will be more than willing to tell you and she’ll be turned on by the fact that you want to know what she likes. Whisper it in her ear and it’ll drive her nuts.


Pleasing your woman in bed shouldn’t be this ridiculously complicated thing. Listen to your woman and try out these tips and you’ll see just how easy it can really be.

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