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5 Signs You Should Ditch Your New Boo

Dating someone new is exciting. You have the butterflies, the giddiness, and let’s not forget the endless possibilities roaming around in your head. The thought that this stranger could, in a few months, become the most important person in your life is mind-blowing. But that being said, early on you have to figure out whether or not they’re even worth you giving a damn about them. Remember your ex? Yeah, well you probably wish someone told you to abandon ship at the beginning of that relationship. Don’t worry though. To help you out this time around, here are 5 signs you should stop talking that special someone in your life.

1. They Don’t Respond Within a Reasonable Time

Unless there’s some sort of ridiculous time difference, there is no reason for someone to respond 12 or 24 hours later. Hello! We are in the year 2016! Everyone always has their phone on them. Sure, you can understand if someone is busy with work and just can’t get to the phone, but screw the person who says, “I’m just a bad texter”. No, they’re a perfectly fine texter, but they didn’t text you because they’re not making you a priority. You deserve someone who responds within an hour.

2. Something is Off

When you know, you know. That goes for when the conversation is amazing and when it just isn’t flowing the way it should be. Sometimes, despite how much you’re attracted someone, something just isn’t right when you’re with them. And usually you can feel this right away. A lot of times people deny this intuitive feeling or shrug it off as first date awkwardness, but that lack of flow is always going to be there in some form or another. Save yourself the trouble and pull yourself out of there before you end up in a crappy two year relationship.

3. They Have a Habit You Hate (Already)

There’s nothing worse than going on a first date with someone promising and then they smack their lips while chewing or they blow their nose in the napkin or they do any other thing that would be fine to others but is absolutely repulsive to you. Newsflash: those types of things don’t just go away. They’re called “habits” for a reason. If there’s something about them that’s already annoying you, you have a major red flag on your hands. Don’t ignore it for the sake of the relationship’s potential because it’ll probably drive you literally insane.

4. You Caught Them Lying

RUN! If your new beau is already lying to you, you need to get out of there ASAP. Trust is seriously the most important part of a healthy relationship and let me tell you, you don’t need to be with someone you can’t trust. That’s a load of shit and you know it. Honesty is key. And if you can’t trust them now, how the hell will you be able to trust them months down the road?

5. They Expect You to Pay for Everything

It’s 2016, people. Things should most definitely be split down the middle when it comes to paying for your dates and shit. Whether you’re a guy or girl, you should not have to pay for everything at the beginning of a relationship. Yes, it’s nice for a guy to pay for the first few dates (hello, Chivalry!), but at some point the girl should offer to pay for something. It’s not important who actually ends up paying, but it’s the gesture that matters. If your date is always tight lipped and looking at you when the check comes, you may have a moocher on your hands.


Cutting ties with a new boo-thang can be disappointing, but remember: if you can already sense that it’s not going to work, you’ll be better off saying bye-bye-bye sooner rather than later. It’s not rocket science.

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