Single Mingling

5 Ways to Embrace the Single Life (For the Ladies)

Ladies, if you’re blessed to be single right now, all I have to say is you should enjoy every second of it! Often, we’re so obsessed with getting into another relationship that we forget to reap the benefits of single living. If you’re riding solo and wondering how to fully enjoy the experience, here are 5 ways to embrace the beautiful, flirtatious man-free life.

1. Go out more

Get out there and get wild. While you were in your past relationship, you may have been judging that girl who goes out every night and flirts with multiple men. Well now that you’re single, it’s time to repent for your past judgements. Let loose and give it a try. There’s no harm in being social and getting to know what (and who) is out there!

2. Spend more time with your girlfriends

Now that you’re man-free, you can finally spend as much time with your girlfriends as you want. On weeknights get your girls together and check out the newest restaurants or bars in town. Then head to the club and wingwoman one another. Finally, meet up with your bestie on a Saturday, and go to the spa. Treat yourselves to mani, pedis, and a couple’s massage. No matter what you’re doing together, you can enjoy gossiping about boys, celebrities, sex, and makeup.

3. Get your flirt on with more than one person

This is the only time in your life when you’re able to chat up more than one guy at a time. See what’s out there. Talk to the cute guy you work with. Get on a dating app and flirt with some random dude just for the fun of it. If you meet a guy that you’re kind of into, don’t settle down too soon. Let him (and that other guy who’s lusting after you) take you on dates. Make them work for your attention.

4. Revamp your look

Get a new haircut or change up your color. Maybe hit the gym or get a kickboxing membership. If you want a facial upgrade, head to Sephora and buy new makeup products. Or maybe ditch the makeup and go all natural. No matter what you choose to revamp, changing your look (even just a little bit) can boost your confidence and help you to better embrace the single life. Once you’ve got your new look going, be vain for a second and take a hundred selfies.

5. Travel more

Without a boy to miss back home, get your passport ready and travel the world. Round up your girls and head down to New Orleans for Carnival or go sunbathe on the beach in the Caribbean. Or be bold and opt to take a solo trip to Bali or Europe. Book a retreat. Join a travel group. Check off some of the places on your bucket list before you get into that next relationship. This is your chance to see the world, meet new people and rediscover yourself.
Single life is a blast. Get out there, go crazy and enjoy yourself. No man is holding you back, so do yourself a favor and don’t hold yourself back either.

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