5 Signs It’s Time to End Your Long-Term Relationship

We grow up thinking that long-term relationships are made up of roses, chocolates, and spooning but in reality, they are hard work and usually come with a handful (or bucket-load) of tears. Sometimes we’re so caught up in the day-to-day dynamic that we don’t realize the relationship, despite our time and energy, isn’t going to last in the long-run. If you’re wondering whether or not it’s time to move on from your long-term relationship, take a look at these telltale signs that could point away from a happily ever after.

1. You Don’t Want To Hang Out With Them As Much

If you keep ditching your significant other to go out with random friends then you need to reevaluate your relationship. If you don’t want to hangout with them, why are you even with them? It’s natural for your desire to hang out to level off after the first few months, but if you see this happening after a long time together, it could be a major sign.

2. You Fight More Than You Have Fun

Relationships should not be a battle. For the most part they should come with ease and a little compromise. It’s not realistic to think that you and your partner should always be having fun, but your good times with them should definitely outweigh the bad.

3. You Fantasize About What Life Would Be Like Without Them

If you keep fantasizing about your future and your significant other isn’t in it, you probably don’t really want them to be there. If you hear yourself saying things like, “When we break-up…” or “The next person I date…”, your words are telling you what your brain is secretly thinking, which is that you don’t want (and you don’t plan) to be with them in the future.

4. You Don’t See Them Fitting Into Your Long-Term Goals

You may have seen warning signs already. Maybe they aren’t motivated. Maybe they want to live in a different city. Maybe they don’t get along with your family. There are certain things in life that you want, and you shouldn’t have to give these things up for someone you’re with. Some issues can be resolved with compromise, but if you’re at the point where you truly don’t see your partner fitting into your life plans then don’t waste anymore time with them.  

5. You’re Over Everything

They sneeze and you roll your eyes. Their feet end up on your side, and you’re pissed. They look at you in a certain way, and all of the sudden you’re annoyed beyond belief. If you’re at the point when everything your significant other does bothers you, then it’s definitely time to go on a break and get some space.

After all the time and effort you’ve put into your relationship, you may be hesitant and heartbroken to leave it behind. As much as it hurts, sometimes saying goodbye is the best thing you can do, not only for your relationship, but for your life, your future, and your sanity.

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