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5 Reasons to Take YOURSELF Out on a Date

If you’re craving some sushi, movie theater popcorn, or maybe just some good company, don’t wait around for someone to ask you out and make your dreams (and cravings) come true. Boring! Instead, defy all odds and take YOURSELF out. Scared to ride solo? Don’t be. Here are 5 reasons you should ditch everyone else and instead take your fine self out on a date.

1. Because You Can

If you can spend money on other people, you can definitely (and you should!) drop a few dollars on yourself. Taking yourself out on a date is way cheaper than taking yourself and someone else on a date. When you see the check, you’ll be happy that you chose to kick it alone for the night.

2. You Are Your Forever Bae

Despite whether you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you are your only forever bae. Sorry to go all the way there, but it’s important to remember that you were born alone and you will die alone. So in the meantime you can take yourself on a date alone. You’ll always be there for yourself and it’s important to remember that when you don’t think you should be going out alone.

3. You Need Alone Time

Sometimes you need to get away from everyone and give yourself some time to reflect and reboot. While you’re doing some soul searching, you might as well treat yourself to a nice meal or a good movie. When you spend time going fun things alone, you get to learn more about yourself and what you really want out of life.

4. Scope Out the Crowd

While you’re dating yourself for the night, you can check out the crowd guilt-free and look for potential future baes. Remember: you can never meet someone new if you’re always going out with someone else. This way, you can see if anyone catches your eye and perhaps even have someone new join your party of one.

5. You deserve it.

You wake up every day. You shower. You get dressed. You’re basically a miracle, so treat yourself. You deserve to have special dinners and hit the town without waiting around for someone else to ask you.


On your way to the romantic date that you’re about to have with yourself, crank up some Jason Derulo in your headphones: “You can’t stop my shine. I’m loving cloud nine. My head’s in the sky. I’m solo. I’m riding solo.”

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