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5 Downsides of Having a F*ck Buddy

Having a friend with benefits may seem like fun and games, but it’s not always a good time. You may have someone available to pleasure you whenever you want without all the drama of an actual relationship, but there are a few things that really suck about having a f*ck buddy.

1. They Don’t Care About Actually Pleasing You

Without having romantic feelings for someone, sex can be a little…lazy. They don’t really have an incentive to keep you pleased. They don’t need to try so hard to make sure you’re having a good time because let’s be real, they don’t see you two having sex for a long time. They’ll get what they need and be done.

2. Post-Sex Cuddling Isn’t a Thing

We all love post-sex cuddles – that’s the truth no matter who you are. When you’re not in a relationship with the person you’re banging, cuddling after sex is usually a big no-no. You both bang, and then leave. You don’t usually stick around to cuddle and that can leave you feeling like you’re missing something even if the sex was great.

3. Once They Start Dating, it’s Game Over

You could be having the best sex of your life but the second they start dating someone, that sex is ripped away from you and you’re left pissed and sexually frustrated. You’re left wanting more and it becomes annoying to you that they started dating someone. You may not have romantic feelings for them and still find yourself upset that they’re with someone else.

4. You Always Have Potential to Catch Feelings

This is the worst. Sex can do a lot of things to people. You can be completely platonic and then the moment you have sex, you start developing feelings for them. This can create jealousy and all kinds of problems – especially if they don’t feel the same. You’ll begin to feel resentful and this can also ruin your friendship.

5. Things Can Get Awkward With Other Friends

If the two of you hang out in the same friend group, word is bound to get out that the two of you are hooking up. Although you’re not in a relationship by any means, people will start to treat you like you are. They’ll start to leave you two alone more and even act awkward toward you – which always sucks.


Friends with benefits are great. You get exactly what you want and you don’t have to deal with a relationship if you’re not ready. But there are also some big drawbacks to f*cking a friend of yours. Think long and hard about these before hopping in bed with a friend.

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