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Pulling Out – All the Dirty Details You Need to Know

When it comes to birth control, the pull out method is definitely one of the most popular. You could argue that more people prefer this method to the pill. I mean, who could argue with not using a condom and not remembering to do something at a certain time every single day?

Sounds pretty great, right? Well, you may want to rethink that once you know a little more about this method of birth control – if you can even call it that. Because guess what. Experts don’t even refer to pulling out as a means of birth control.

Yikes! Here are all the dirty details on this method. Decide for yourself if forgoing an annoying condom is really worth it.

1. It’s Not Very Effective

Truth be told, it’s so ineffective that experts don’t refer to it as an actual way to prevent pregnancy. It’s more of a precaution you take, but when it causes pregnancy in 22% of couples within a year, you could say it doesn’t really work. Sure, it’s more effective if you use back up methods, but with those odds, do you really want to risk it?

2. STDs Are a Real Concern

I know you’ve heard it time and time again, but STDs are no joke – especially if one person doesn’t know they have one. There are plenty of diseases that don’t actually show any symptoms in some people, but they’re still contagious. Therefore, not using a condom can be really risky.

3. It Induces Anxiety – Preventing a Good Time

If you’re always worried about becoming pregnant or contracting an STD, is it really worth it? We all know how much anxiety can prevent you from actually finishing during sex. If you can’t even have fun and relax during sex, do the benefits of pulling out even matter?

4. Pre-Cum is Not a Myth

Many people think pre-cum can’t get you pregnant. But research shows that it definitely can. So while guys are pulling out and preventing their load from impregnating you, they’re not preventing their pre-cum from doing the same thing. When samples of this stuff was studied, it was revealed that about 30% of pre-cum is actually live sperm. Aka, those little guys are definitely able to swim and produce a baby!

5. But There Are Benefits

All of that being said, there are some benefits of pulling out. When used with a back up method of birth control like the pill or an IUD, it’s actually really effective. And if you’re in a monogamous relationship where you’ve both been tested for STDs, forgoing a condom can help you feel more connected with them in an intimate manner. So long as you can live with the consequences of the downsides of pulling out, it can be great!


Before thinking pulling out is the best way to go about birth control, you should learn a bit about it first. These details can help you decide if you really want to trust this method to avoid certain unwanted situations.

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