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Slow Sex – Fellas, This is Why Girls Like it This Way

I’m not going to lie, not every single girl is going to want really slow sex. Some are going to want you to bang their brains out.

But the majority of girls do enjoy slow sex in addition to the headboard-breaking sex you usually have. I know most of you guys like to believe you know just how to please a woman, but the fact of the matter is that you’re probably more naïve than you realize. If you want to make her happy and give her what she wants, slow sex may just be the way to do that and here’s why.

1. It’s More Intimate

Girls like having a connection during sex. They don’t always want to get it done without feeling like they’ve gained more than a good time through it. Therefore, slow sex can help her feel like she’s connected to you in a different way. If she feels like you aren’t really intimate with each other, slow sex can remedy that.

2. It Makes You Last Longer (sorry – not sorry)

This is just a fact we all have to live with. Girls usually take way longer to finish than guys and when you just get to it and hump like monkeys, guys don’t last long at all. So if you have slow sex, you’ll last way longer and be more likely to actually get her to reach orgasm, too.

3. Stronger Orgasms – Yes, Please.

When an orgasm has a long time to build, you bet your ass that release is going to feel even better – for both of you. And if you’re someone who has a girl that finds it difficult to finish, slow sex could be your solution…along with foreplay. But that’s a different discussion altogether.

4. She Can Really Feel You

Women like to feel more sensations. We like feeling your body against ours and the warmth it provides. We like feeling every bit of you move against us – not just your shlong in our lady bits. While that’s great, we like feeling more and when you slow sex down, it allows us to feel all of those other sensations that only add to the experience and turn us on more.

5. It’s Easier to Communicate

When you’re moving fast and hard, it’s really difficult to communicate and ask if what you’re doing is being well-received – something extremely important if you want to please your woman. When you slow things down, you can actually read her body language and listen to how she feels while you’re in the act. This means you can adjust your moves to see what she wants more of.

Overall, you can’t possibly know what your girl wants if you don’t ask her. But having slower sex can help you realize just what she likes best and you’ll definitely learn how to please her.

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