Single Mingling

5 Movies That’ll Make You Feel Great About Being Single

Sometimes we get sick of seeing love plastered all over our Facebook timelines and in our favorite TV shows. Sometimes we just want to consume stories about people like us – beautiful, self-sufficient people who are focusing on being our best selves. Read on for some movie recommendations that are perfect for the lone ranger.

1. Queen

An adorable Bollywood film about a woman whose fiancé broke her engagement the day before her wedding. She then decides to go on her honeymoon to Amsterdam and Paris alone. Who needs a man, anyway? She has adventures, meets tons of cool people, and – in the corniest sense possible – finds herself.

2. Legally Blonde

A woman who chases an old flame and becomes a world class lawyer with a degree from Harvard – it’s funny, inspiring, classic, and can teach you how to bend and snap. Not to mention it’s just a staple movie to watch when you’re a single lady who’s feeling down about her relationship status.

3. Howl’s Moving Castle

Not only do you get to venture into Hayao Miyazaki’s magical world, but you also get to feel like a kick-ass woman doing it. This gorgeous Japanese animated film tells the tale of a girl who’s under a spell that turns her into an old woman. But despite the strange circumstances, she remains positive and even takes on evil all by herself. Who needs a magical wizard boyfriend if you’re just as – if not more – powerful on your own?

4. Copenhagen

This movie is a love story that’s awkward as hell. This annoying dude goes to Copenhagen to find his long-lost grandfather and meets the girl of his dreams. When he finds out she’s fourteen years old, the viewer is like, “OMG NO” for the rest of the movie. It’s perfect for making a single person feel better about their current state because hey, at least you’re not pining over a 14-year-old as an adult. Right? RIGHT?! Good.

5. She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

A documentary about the feminist movement. It will leave you feeling strong and asking yourself why you even need a boyfriend when you’re one of the strongest forces on the planet. Women, UNITE!

When you decide to take a night off from taking over the world, get yourself a cup of tea, some popcorn, and choose one of these feel-good films that’ll make you proud to be single.

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