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5 Signs Your Relationship is in Trouble

The last thing any of us wants to admit is that our relationship may be in trouble. The truth is that not all relationships are going to last. It’s hard to hear – especially if you’ve put a shit ton of time and effort into making it work. If you’re still feeling like something is off no matter how much you’re trying, these signs could indicate that your relationship is in trouble and headed south.

1. You Don’t Talk Anymore

No, I’m not just talking about speaking to each other. Considering you’re still together, I’m assuming you still speak about things. You talk about your day, what you did, who you saw, but you don’t talk about the important shit anymore. You don’t discuss anything of meaning. That’s a sign your relationship is going down the dumps.

2. You Don’t Miss Them

I know it’s hard to miss someone you see every single day, so if you live together, this doesn’t really apply. I’m talking about those of you who go some time without seeing each other and you just don’t care to see them. You’re not excited to see them. You don’t really feel like checking in when you’re not around. You just don’t miss them. That’s a sign your feelings just aren’t really there anymore.

3. You Start Feeling Insecure

Okay, don’t get me wrong. You can feel insecure for a number of different reasons in a perfectly healthy relationship, but that’s an article for another time. When you used to be secure and they used to make you feel great about yourself and that’s now missing and you no longer feel like they’re attracted to you, it could be a sign they aren’t. It’s harsh. But it’s the truth. And that’s no good for your relationship.

4. You Don’t Even Try to Argue

A lot of people think that arguing is terrible for a relationship. I, on the other hand, think fighting is great. It shows that you care. It shows that you have passion. So long as it’s not about stupid, repetitive shit, it’s good. It’s when you stop arguing altogether that you run into issues. Why? Because it means neither of you cares enough to fix anything or make each other understand. That’s a problem.

5. You Stop Telling Them When You’re Upset

Because you know it won’t lead you anywhere. When you completely give up communicating how you feel about the things they do or how they’re treating you, your relationship is basically already over. When you already know your feelings won’t make a difference, you’re in trouble.


Many relationships continue long after they should be ended. Don’t waste your time in a relationship that’s not right for you. Do yourself and your significant other a favor and get out of it so you can both find someone great.

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