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5 Things That Happen When You Move in Together

Moving in together is typically a pretty big step in a relationship. Whether you move in because it made sense financially, or you want to live together because you want to make sure you and your partner can truly get along before tying the knot, here are 5 things that happen when you move in together.

1. You Realize Each Other’s Habits

These habits can be both good and bad. Maybe one of you is a neat freak while the other is a bit messier. Take these habits and bounce ideas off one another to turn them into something that works for the both of you. For instance, you do the dishes and see if your partner will agree to take out the trash. You can either rotate responsibilities or make a pattern of doing the ones you mind the least.

2. The Romance Goes Stale

Once you live with someone, you may often come home tired and not in the mood because the excitement you once had of going over to each other’s places is no longer there. Once you live with them, you’ll have to spice up the romance. Surprise them with lingerie or chocolate covered strawberries even if there’s no special occasion.  You can even make chores sexier by giving them a reward if they complete the task. They’ll thank you later.

3. You Talk About Money More

Although this topic is often dreaded, once you move in together, you have to talk about things like splitting rent, parking spaces, groceries, and more. Who is responsible for what? Is it equal or does the person making more pay for more? There is no right or wrong answer, but it’s important to be open and honest when communicating about this – which leads to my next point.

4. Communicating Becomes Even More Important

Communication is obviously important no matter what stage you’re at in a relationship, but once you move in with someone, it’s even more crucial. You may have a routine of going to the gym and eating dinner around a specific time. What if your partner is on an opposite schedule? Do you mind eating alone or would you prefer to wait for them to get home and eat together? As long as you communicate about what to expect of one another’s schedules, you will get along just fine.

5. Your Sleep Pattern May Change

You may have had plenty of sleepovers with your partner prior to moving in together, but somehow this really changes when you live together permanently. Do they sleep with the TV on and you need complete darkness and silence? Are they an early bird and you could sleep into the afternoon? Adjusting to your partner’s sleep habits is important because it may affect your daily routine. If they stay up late, does that keep you up? Set boundaries and if they like to stay up later ask that they go in another room or let you sleep in the morning if they are up early.


As long as you are each respectful of one another, moving in together should be a breeze if it’s with the right person. Remember that there’s a reason you decided to move in together in the first place, so try your best to make the most of it.

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