Single Mingling

5 Things All Eternally Single Girls Know to be True

Being single is not something to be ashamed of. Did you hear me? You should NEVER be ashamed to be single. Hell, you should be proud. Being single is in no way a reflection of you as a person. It just means one thing: you haven’t found someone who makes you want to be in a relationship yet. Keyword: yet. That doesn’t mean all eternally single girls aren’t lumped in the same category. And being in that category means we all know these things to be way too true.

1. Being Called a Slut is the Norm

It’s a shitty reality, but it is a reality, nonetheless. When people know you’ve been single for basically…ever, they assume you just like the hookup life. It’s like they think all you want to do is go out every weekend and find a hot piece of man meat to take home only to bang. The truth? You don’t really hook up much at all and your weekends are, more often than not, spent on a date with Netflix and your PJs.

2. The Third Wheel Life is Your Only Life

OR you’re always on a “date” with your friends…and their boyfriends. You have the third wheel life down. Nobody could be a better third wheel than you. You’ve actually gotten so good at it, it’s as if you’re meant to be the third wheel forever. Yippee. But for real, you’ve grown so accustomed to being a third wheel that it almost feels natural for you and not at all awkward.

3. You Have Your “Why I’m Single” Speech Memorized for Family Gatherings

Let’s be real. If you’ve been single for almost ever, your family is concerned about what the hell is going on. Your mom is begging you to find a man and make her a shit ton of grandkids and you’re just sitting there internally screaming and beating your head against a wall. But you have the speech memorized for each and every relative that asks about your nonexistent love life. You have to. Or you’d lose it.

4. Sexually. Frustrated. Always.

Being single means not getting laid…usually. Sure, you could go out and hook up with the weirdo at the bar who won’t stop hitting on you, but it’s not nearly as satisfying as having sex whenever you want with someone you actually care about. The sexual frustration is REAL. And no matter how many time you try to fix it yourself, it just doesn’t go away.


But all in all, you have freedom. You can hop on a plane and fly across the country for a week without worrying about anything. You can go out and make out with as many people as you want without even thinking twice about it. You know true freedom. And that freedom feels f*cking great.


Being single isn’t something you should have to feel bad about. Sure, there are plenty of things that aren’t great about it, but there are also so many benefits that it makes you think twice about actually getting into a relationship when the time comes.

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