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5 Signs You’ve Found The One

You finally feel like this time it’s real. This is the one you’ve been waiting for and searching for and you’ve finally found it. But how do you know this one will stick? If you’ve been down this road before and have thought you found the one but then it didn’t end up working out, there was a reason. Think back on your past relationships and what didn’t work before and why.

Self-awareness is really important in order to know that this time, you’ve found the one. If you can identify what you’re looking for, you’ll know when you have found it and if you look at these key signs, there’s a good chance this time, he’s a keeper.

1. He Cares About Your Interests

Whether he agrees to watch The Bachelor with you every Monday or doesn’t mind shopping with you at the mall on Saturday afternoon, it is evident he doesn’t really care what you do as long as you are together. He may subtly complain from time to time that you are making him watch too many chick flicks but deep down, you know he is actually enjoying them because he is enjoying your company most of all.

2. He Integrates You Into His Family and Friends

The more he brings you out and about, the more he wants to show you off. If you get along with his friends and family, there is a good indicator he wants you to stick around for good. Especially if you click with his family during the important times like holidays and birthdays, he will see that as a sign that this person really fits into my life long term. His friends will see you as one of them and you will get along with them and enjoy their company, too.

3. He Supports You

If he’s in it for the long hall, he’ll support your career aspirations, hopes, and dreams. Maybe you have a bucket list to clime Mt. Kilimanjaro or maybe you just have a new goal to go to the gym three days a week and actually stick to it. Either way, he’ll support you and wants to see you succeed both personally and professionally. If you are in school, he knows when to respect your studying and if you are working late, maybe he’ll cook you dinner after a long day at the office. He doesn’t just tell you he supports you but he shows it in ways you didn’t realize even existed in past relationships.

4. He is Caring and Affectionate

He doesn’t mind holding your hand or kissing you in public. Not to say all guys do this, but if he’s willing to be affectionate with you even at home, he probably feels very strongly for you. This affection will not decline either. It will only get stronger. He will also be there to take care of you when you’re sick and hold you close when you’re feeling down.

5. When You Know, You Know

Your instincts are much stronger than you know. When he starts doing things for you no other guys has done before and sending you flowers at work or even cooks you breakfast in bed, you’ll just know that he’s the man you want to stick with for life. It can be little things, but let’s be real, has any booty call ever treated you the way he is treating you? Probably not. Because they weren’t the one. The peanut butter to your jelly, the ketchup to your French fries, and the light of your life is the person you feel it for the most.

If you both share the same career goals, are both family oriented, share similar values, and you can really see that he is ready to settle down, that’s how you know you’ve finally found your soul mate.

A 20 something Philadelphia native passionate about dating and relationships. Love of travel, white wine, chocolate chip cookies, and all reality dating shows. “A man who wants to make a relationship work will move mountains to keep the woman he loves” ― Greg Behrendt

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