5 Reasons To Workout With Your Significant Other

There are already obvious reasons as to why you should workout, period. You’ll look better, feel better, get healthier, and stronger. Working out by yourself is fine, but there are so many reasons why you should bring your significant other along. Here’s a few reasons why you should strengthen your bodies, and your relationship, together!

1. No One Will Bother You

It never fails, if I go to the gym alone, someone will always approach me and try to talk to me. Headphones are no longer enough to combat unwanted small talk. If you have this problem too, it may be time to consider bringing your SO to the gym with you. No one else talks to me anymore, unless they’re asking to borrow some equipment, but that’s it! For that reason alone, it’s worth bringing your man along to the gym.

2. Build Muscle AND Trust

You have a permanent spotter – so you can lift more! Or at least make the attempt. It takes a lot of trust to depend on someone to catch you if you squat down and fall with hundreds of extra pounds on your back. Personally, I wouldn’t want to depend on anyone but my man. When you trust him to prevent you from dropping weights on your head, you can trust him in other aspects of your relationship too.

3. You’ll Be More Motivated

It’s a lot easier to accomplish your fitness goals when you surround yourself with people who share the same goals. You and your man can make goals together and push each other to reach them! Watching each other become better than before and maybe adding some healthy competition between the two of you can be so motivating. You both have each other as a personal cheerleader, cheering each other to greatness, which is pretty awesome!

4. It’s a Learning Experience

You can learn a lot about your SO in a gym setting. You learn their limits, their communication style, their body language, what motivates them, and more. All the important aspects of a relationship that make it stronger can be improved upon in the gym by allowing you to learn more about them. In addition to learning about them,  they’ll be able to learn more about YOU! They’ll learn your limits, how you communicate, and how your body works. This whole learning experience is a good way to bond and make your relationship even stronger.

5. It’s Sexy AF

I have to admit, it’s definitely a turn on watching my fiancé lift heavy things. There’s something so sexy about getting all sweaty together, bonding in the weight room, and stretching each other out. Not to mention the hot and steamy shower together afterward. Not only is it a turn on, but all those Kegel exercises you did during your glute workout will make sex with your man even more AMAZING for the both of you!


Not only do you strengthen your body in the gym together, you strengthen your trust, communication skills, the bond in your relationship, and your sex life. You both will look and feel better together, and that is why you should workout with your SO.

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