Wedding Destinations You’d Be Crazy Not to Look Into

Wondering where to have your destination wedding but trying to think outside the box? Your wedding is one of the most important things you and your new spouse will do in your lifetime and you want to make sure it’s special. Below are five creative ideas to inspire you to have the wedding (and honeymoon!) of your dreams.

1. Granada, Spain: For the Dreamers

A gorgeous city in the south of Spain that’s home to the Alhambra, an incredible historical palace to the Moors, Granada is the perfect wedding destination for the couple who is all about romance. Have your wedding here and see yourself as a princess walking through cobblestone paths and kissing your lover against an ancient wall covered in flowering vines

2. Banff, Alberta, Canada:  For the Nature Lovers

Banff is a national park in Canada with breathtaking mountain views in the Canadian Rockies. The couple who gets married in Banff will be able to begin their life together surrounded by some of the most perfect creations in nature on picturesque Lake Louise. This location was even featured on The Bachelor like a million seasons ago!

3. Las Vegas, Nevada: For the Spontaneous Couple

Yeah, yeah, I know. Vegas seems kind of like a joke location to have a wedding and you really weren’t planning on inviting an Elvis impersonator to your big day. But think about it! You could have a badass wedding in Vegas tomorrow if you wanted to. Plus, with a little more planning, you could take advantage of Nevada’s natural beauty and have your ceremony at Red Rock Canyon and bring your family and friends to the coolest casino in town for the reception.

4. Chile: For the Adventurers

Chile is a very physically long country, which makes it incredibly diverse in terms what it has to offer as a travel and wedding destination. You may have seen the world’s coolest treehouse hotel floating around Pinterest. Could you imagine getting married there?! That treehouse is in the south of Chile! The couple who has their wedding in Chile can find themselves in fast-paced cities, cool hippie beach towns, and the driest place on Earth just by going North to South

5. Japan: For the Quirky Couple

Japan has a unique culture that lends itself to exploration and creativity. Go to Kyoto during Cherry Blossom season and you will feel love without missing a beat. You will be simultaneously surrounded by Buddhist temples, wacky Japanese pop culture, and the tastiest food on the planet that will inspire and delight you. The couple who has their wedding in Japan is just beginning to write their own fairy-tale (or comic book!).


You are planning your special day and the world is your oyster. These destinations will be unforgettable locations to begin your married life with your partner.

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