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5 Reasons You Should Wait to Have Sex – and Why You’ll Want to

Instead of calling up your parents and asking them for a Sex 101 refresher on why to wait, we’re here with 5 reasons you should wait to have sex with that new someone.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to say to wait until marriage, but we are going to give you the hard and honest truth about the perks to keeping it in your pants. Whether you’re doing it for the first time or you’re dating someone new, this is why you should wait to have sex.

1.  Get to Know Who You’re Letting in Your Bed

The longer you wait, the more you can get to know someone. This gives you time to figure out if you like the person enough to sleep with them or be in a relationship with them. Getting to know the person you’re about to sleep with has its obvious perks safety-wise and health-wise, but from what we hear, it’s also more fun to sleep with someone you actually like and respect as a person. Who would have thought? We don’t have a specific set amount of time you should wait to have sex, but listening to your true feelings help.

2. The Sex will be Even Better

Millennials are usually so eager to go for gold, but they often forget that half the fun of sex is the foreplay. And we mean foreplay both literally and figuratively. Make them wait for it. Make yourself wait for it! In case you didn’t know this, anticipation makes sex so much better! If you keep it PG-13 for a few dates, the sexual tension will build up, making for a more exciting, more satisfying end result. Trust us on this one. If you want to make the sex incredible, wait to have it.

3. Avoid Awkward Situations

Sex can be awkward at times – all those sounds and different positions. It’s really important to sleep with someone that you’re ready to take on the good AND messy parts of sex with. Make sure you’re comfortable enough with your potential sexcapade partner to endure all the potential awkward moments that happen beneath the sheets. This comfort, let’s face it, comes from spending lots of time with a person. So take it slow and get to know them before sealing the deal. If you wait to have sex, those awkward moments will dissipate much fast and maybe not even exist!

4. Waiting Will Help Your Confidence

Piggybacking on our last point, you should wait to sleep with someone until you’re comfortable with them Not just for the sake of awkward situations, but also for self-esteem reasons. Let’s be honest, if you feel insecure, awkward, or intimidated by the person you’re sleeping with, your performance goes down the drain. Instead of trying to hide your naked body with dim lighting or a comforter, wait until you feel secure enough with that person to bare it all. Waiting a bit before you get into bed with that new someone will save you from the awfully awkward, “this never happens,” and, “is it in?” type of situation.

5. Getting and Keeping that New Boo

As sad as it is, most millennials love the chase and often, once their “prize” is achieved, they lose interest. Instead of giving it up and then watching them move on, take some time and build a sex-free relationship with the person. From what we’ve heard, the longer you wait to have sex, the more they’ll fall for you – the actual you, not just the physical you. An added bonus is that, because a lot of millennials are giving it up quickly, you’ll stand out from the rest like a breath of fresh – or traditional – air, making you that much more coveted.


Waiting to have sex with someone that you like can be frustrating, maybe even painful. But in the long run, it will work in your favor. Once you get a hang of it, the world of teasing and anticipation is so much fun!

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