10 Best Vacation Spots for Couples to Unwind and Have Fun

With spring break rapidly approaching, adults in the “real world” need a good vacation once in a while. These are some of the best vacation spots for couples.

Whether it is a weekend getaway or a full week of bliss, couples need a vacation together in order to explore, experience new things, get to know each other better, and engage in all the wonders life has to offer. Here are a few of the best vacation spots for couples that want to whisk away to a place of pure romance.

1. All Inclusive Resorts in Mexico 

Look into resorts in any of Mexico’s well-known tourist areas. Playa Del Carmen, Riviera Maya, and Tulum are a few of Mexico’s cities that each have something unique to offer couples. Go see the Mayan ruins and then hop into one of the resort’s luxurious swim up bars and bask away in the sun with a drink in hand. If you want to avoid families, there are a variety of Adult-Only resorts for those who want some more privacy.

2. Costa Rica

Conquer things on your bucket list that will give you a thrill – Zip lining, playing with monkeys, and more. There are so many things to do! Find a resort or Air bnb that meets your needs and explore the jungle together.

3. Miami Beach

Bask away on the sun-kissed beaches of Miami. This is one of the best vacation spots for couples because it has a little bit of everything. Food, culture, and nightlife. There’ s a reason they call this the city where the heat is on.

4. Maui, Hawaii

Sunsets here are so magnificent that you’ll never want to leave. Take a hike, go to a pineapple plantation, or just sit by the pool. Either way, Maui will leave you closer than ever in the magical land of palm trees, fresh fruit, and exquisite beaches.

5. Napa/Sonoma California

Disneyworld for adults! This place is so magical, with grandiose castles and deep dark caves. Amongst this best vacation spots for couples, you’ll find barrels of freshly made wine, reasons to laugh together, and a good time for every type of person. Let your palette take over your senses and taste California’s finest.

6. Turks and Caicos

The most beautiful white sand beaches. If you want another option for a breathtaking island, take on Turks and Caicos. You won’t want to miss snorkeling in the clear blue water. You’ll be able to relax, unwind, and enjoy nothing but each other’s company and paradise.

7. Berkshires Massachusetts

If skiing is your preference, take on the Berkshires. Cozy up by the fire with some hot chocolate after a long day on the slopes. With this being one of the best vacation spots for couples, it’s still a bit different than your typical island getaway. But maybe that makes it better.

8. Sedona Arizona

The desert can be romantic because of the warm days followed by the cool nighttime air. You will want to take a Pink Jeep Tour ride for a thrill up the Red Rock Canyon. If you’re more of that adventurous type, this is definitely a vacation spot for you and your beau.

9. New York, NY

The city that never sleeps can be the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Take on Broadway or order drinks at the ever so popular Gansevoort rooftop. Walk down 5th avenue for some shopping and stop to share a frozen hot chocolate at world’s famous Serendipity.

10. The Lodge at Woodloch

This is definitely one of the best vacation spots for couples and the most romantic spa resort for east coasters. Located in the Pocono Mountains, Woodloch resort has one of the world’s best spas for couples looking to rejuvenate. The serenity spa is the perfect getaway for couples searching for a sanctuary of tranquility.


Wherever you decide to go for a vacation, make sure to enjoy yourselves. After all the best part of a vacation should be the one your with.

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