5 Reasons Open Communication is the Key to Relationship Success

When it comes to a successful relationship, open communication is by far the most important thing. Without it, you may hold on to toxic feelings.

I’m the “put the wall up, never let anyone in, never let my guard down so no one hurts me” type of person. Communication has never been an easy thing for me, and I’m still working on it, especially in my current relationship. There are so many reasons why everyone should work on communicating in their relationships, because it really is one of the biggest keys to success. Out of all those reasons, here are my top five reasons why open communication is the key to relationship success.

1. You Share Joy

A relationship without laughter is a relationship I don’t want any part of. To laugh is to experience joy and happiness, and being able to share that with your love is awesome! Being able to laugh in a relationship means you’re communicating in a way that promotes happiness with your significant other. If you’re not sharing this happiness or joy, the relationship will fail.

2. You Get What You Want or Need

Nobody is mind reader. Men are terrible at picking up on hints. A few nights ago I had a rough day at work and I wanted food to be ready by the time I got home. I told my fiancé I had to miss lunch because I was so busy. I thought that hint would be enough for some sort of lightbulb to go off in his head…but no. My fiancé didn’t make me food. But that’s my fault. I should’ve just said that’s what I wanted in the first place. If I communicated better, I would have gotten what I needed. No dropping hints allowed.

3. You Can Be Yourself

Like I said before, my communication skills are lacking, and I’m trying to work on being more vulnerable, and less guarded in my relationship. The habit of putting a wall up and not letting anyone in, is hard to break. Open communication has made a safe space in my relationship where it’s acceptable to let my guard down and it’s okay to be who I truly am.

4. You Build Trust

Secrets don’t make friends and neither do lies! Being transparent in your relationship is a huge deal when it comes to trusting your significant other. I know a lot of people out there that have this, “He doesn’t let me have any fun,” mindset. This is only accurate because your partner doesn’t trust you. Are you being clear as to what you want to do or where you want to go? Communicating what you want, why you want it, and why you possibly want to have it alone and not with your partner creates trust and will make it more likely for you to get what you want. (Oh hey, point number two.)

5. You Grow

All of these points tie together into this specific reason as to why open communication is key! Your happiness grows, you’re both getting what you want out of your relationship, you can be your true selves, and you trust one another. All these together make your relationship grow stronger, and when your relationship is strong you can conquer the world together!

All of these points made above are why open communication is the key to relationship success! Now go out there and communicate with the love of your life and make your relationship more successful!

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