Breaking Up With Someone – 5 Things That’ll Take Your Mind Off It

Breaking up with someone isn’t really an easy thing to do. Even if they’ve done you wrong, it’s hard. Here’s what you need to do right after you do it.

After being dumped on Valentine’s day (twice), getting cheated on, and finding disgusting text messages on his phone from other girls, THIS is probably my favorite and easiest article to write.

You thought he was the one, you spent every day with him, you even ditched “girl time” to be with him, and now it’s all over. You feel like your world is ending. It seems like you lost everything. And worst of all, you’re probably feeling really insecure.

Well, it’s time to wipe those tears away and read about these five things you need to do NOW to get back up on your feet after breaking up with someone.

1. Break Up Party

A break up party was the best idea I ever had. Invite all your friends (old and new) and definitely invite that cute boy you always flirted with. The day I broke up with someone was the same night I had a party. I cried, had drinks, laughed, and finally kissed my childhood crush all in the same night. Yes, I was only single for four hours. After breaking up with someone, throwing a party is totally worth it. You’ll rekindle with your friends and get your mind off of what recently just happened.

2. Delete Everything

Let’s start with their phone number. Okay, so what if you have it memorized, anyways? Still delete it! Even though you look super cute in that picture with your ex, delete it! Delete everything on your social media that has them in it. This gives you, your phone, and your social media a clean slate. You don’t have to be reminded of their face again. And don’t even think about backing up those photos with a flash drive! After breaking up with someone, you need to clear your mind and not be distracted by them. Deleting them from your life is the best way to do that.

3.  Throw Everything Away

This might be the hardest thing to do, but you can do it!  Get rid of everything. You want a fresh start and a positive atmosphere around you. Yes, ladies even that cute necklace he got you – toss it out. Better yet, burn it all! I had a fire pit in my backyard and it was super fun to see all the memories burn. This is especially true if you’re someone who tends to use those items as a way to justify getting back with that person. Don’t do it! Just get rid of it all now and your future self with thank you.

4. Make New Goals

This is now a time to focus on you and your needs as a single person.  I wrote down all my goals for the rest of the year. I wanted to travel and blog more. I went to the gym almost every day. Going to the gym was probably one of my favorite goals that I accomplished. I wanted to get really fit for myself, my health, and to get my mind off things. Focusing on yourself after breaking up with someone is the best thing to do. Make yourself better and you’ll feel amazing.

5. Stay Busy

Keeping yourself busy is key.  You are not used to being alone and when you are alone, your mind wanders. So go out with your friends or learn a new craft. Coffee shops were my go to. I would go to local coffee shops and blast music in my headphones.
Just remember, everything happens for a reason and this just means that there is someone else better out there for you. Focus on bettering yourself and the right person will come along.

Not born in Autumn, Autumn Marie is a Cali girl who is always on the go- with a matcha green tea in hand. She has a huge soft spot for The Bachelor, Wine, her Husky, and vegan donuts. Best way to distract her, anything glittery!

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