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What He Wants From You – 5 Things He Really Wishes You’d Do Daily

Guys aren’t really the type to come out and say what they want from you. So we’re here to fill in the gaps and tell you what he wants from you.

Everyone gets caught up in their everyday lives. Long days at work followed by nights at the gym. Eating dinners followed by exhaustion, going to sleep, and doing it all over again. Aside from maybe cooking dinner for your man, have you ever thought about other simple things that maybe he wishes you’d do for him daily? Here’s what he wants from you daily and they won’t cost you a dime.

1. Send a Flirty Text

Maybe you’ve been married ten years or been dating for a few months. Either way, guys like when girls text them first – especially if it’s something on the flirty side. You don’t have to wait to hear from him to send him a flirty text. Send a quick hello during your lunch break and add in a winky emoticon or a kissy face. It will put a smile on his face no matter how cheesy.

2. Give Him a Back Rub

I’m sure you had a long day, but he probably did too. Give him a little shoulder rub down. He will thank you later and maybe return the favor. Believe it or not, a little back rub goes a long way. He will instantly be thankful for your calming nature. This is definitely what he wants from you but is sometimes too shy to ask.

3. Compliment Him

Guys like to be complimented just as much as girls. Did he just get a haircut? Tell him it looks nice! Or maybe he’s wearing a new shirt and didn’t know if anyone would notice. Make it known that you think he looks nice today. Maybe he even grew out his beard and you are super into it – so tell him. Giving him a compliment will make him feel good and will make you feel good too.

4. Just Listen to Him

Guys need to vent every now and then too. Even though they mostly like to keep things inside, they have things to talk about. Just be there to listen to him no matter the reason. After all, communication is what is important in a relationship and part of that is sometimes just listening. Let him vent and pour it all out.

5. Tell Him You Love Him

Giving him affirmation is just as nice as getting it. Remember, he may have had a long week and needs a little love even if it’s just reminding him you are there for him. The best wedding advice I ever received was, “Never go to bed angry, always say goodnight”. Tell him you love him every day so the sparks feel just as fiery as it did when you first met.

Sometimes it’s not just about what you do for one another in terms of big presents and surprises. A lot of the time, the little things are really what he wants from you. No matter what you do for him daily, just remember to be patient and kind.

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