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30 Exciting Date Night Ideas for Long Term Couples

Keeping a relationship exciting is crucial for its longevity. If you’re a long-term couple, these date night ideas are perfect for spicing things up.

Long gone are the days where dates were a big part of your relationship. You’re probably both settled into a comfortable routine – and that’s not a bad thing, but it doesn’t hurt to spice it up a bit and get out of the house with your loved one. Maybe you’ve hit a rut and need to make more of an effort to make one another feel special. To help you out, here are 30 exciting date night ideas for long-term couples.

1. Go Out for a Walk

Hear me out. I’m not a hippy or anything (not that it’s a bad thing), but I do really think that you have great conversations when you’re getting some fresh air. It’s fun to get out to some of your national parks, lakes, running trails, or whatever else is local to you. Getting some exercise together never hurts, either!

2. Have a Picnic

Bring a frisbee or a soccer ball, maybe even a softball and a mitt, and have some fun while enjoying good food. Who’s to say this is too cliche? Picnics are fun and a cute little way you can surprise your significant other. It’s a great way to spend quality time together. Maybe bring some chocolate covered strawberries to share or a burrito from chipotle!

3. Go Hiking

A little more extreme than a nature walk, but definitely a fun way to get out of the house together. I’ve been on quite a few hikes in my lifetime, but it’s always more fun when my boyfriend is there to pull me up the hills because I am WAY out of shape. If hiking isn’t your thing, that’s fine too. But if you haven’t gone together, look for an easy hike in your area and pull up your socks! Get out there and explore.

4. Coffee Date Downtown

There are so many options out there – go off the beaten path a little bit! Look up some hidden gems in your area and go out for a coffee date. Who doesn’t love a good cappuccino? Who knows? You may even find your new favorite coffee shop.

5. The ol’ Dinner and a Movie

There’s constantly new movies coming out and who doesn’t enjoy a good meal? It’s one of the oldest dates in the book, but it never gets old. You can even dress up a little like they did in the old days. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun!

6. Tandem Bike Ride

You know. Two people one bike? I’m sure you’ve seen it, but have you tried it? You and your partner should give it a go. I’m sure you’ll have some laughs and your teamwork skills will definitely be put to the test!

7. Ice Skating

If you’re a little wobbly, that’s perfectly fine! It’s a fun little outing and you could swap the movies out for this instead. Mix it up a little bit and have some fun!

8. Rollerblading

Instead of going to a rink or gym, try it out outside! Find a nicely paved path and hold hands while rollerblading and enjoying the scenery. If you’re like me and can’t stop on your own, it gives you an excuse to hold hands!

9. Go Bowling

This date night idea has been swept under the rug and not as many people are going anymore, but let’s bring it back! Grab a couple of friends for a double date or just play against your partner. Grab a pizza after and enjoy some friendly competition. You can even place a wager. Whoever wins gets a back massage by the loser!

10. Kayaking/Canoeing

If you live by the water, rent a couple of canoes and head out for an adventure on the ocean (or lake). Make sure you don’t forget your life jackets and maybe you’ll even see some marine life!

11. Go to a Museum

With all the museums and art pieces out there, I’m sure you both can find something you’re interested in. Take a walk through history and learn about interesting events that have occurred in the past. Enjoy local artists and contemplate whether the painting you’re looking at is a pizza or abstract artwork. This is really one of the best date night ideas because no matter what, you’ll find something interesting.

12. Laser Tag/Paintball

If you’re not a fan of pain, go laser tagging! You’ll have the excitement of running around trying to shoot other people – or each other. Who can get the highest score? Make some fun bets (wink wink nudge nudge) and have at ‘er! You can also play on your partner’s team and watch one another’s backs and protect each other – it’s kind of romantic, right?

13. Outdoor Movies

It’s a fun little twist on the beloved movie theater. You get the privacy of your own vehicle and will be able to cuddle (or make out) without judgment. Who really watches the movie anyways? Just kidding, I do. Bring some blankets and pillows with snacks and enjoy yourselves.

14. Stargazing

Grab a big blanket and head out to the nearest park or even your backyard! Look up constellations and try to find them together. Contemplate life and the future you both have ahead of you. Just enjoy one another’s company and admire what nature has made.

15. Dessert Hopping

Look up the top 5 dessert places downtown or local to your area and make a day out of it! You’re both already sweet, but desserts make you even sweeter.

16. Visit a Haunted House

If you’re a big chicken like me (just kidding, it’s definitely my boyfriend) maybe you won’t be into this one. Either way, getting scared for fun is an exciting experience. Go on a tour of haunted places in your area and get scared together. You’ll be holding hands and screaming together all the way.

17. Go to a Corn Maze

In the fall, what’s better than holding hands with a warm cup of hot chocolate as you wander around completely lost? It’s fun to use your teamwork to get you out of the maze. As long as there are no clowns chasing you around or jumping out of hidden places, enjoy an easygoing and fun date in the maze. And if you’re into clowns, go to a haunted corn maze!

18. Go to a Painting Class

There are tons of artsy couples activities these days. There’s definitely something in your area! Have a drink of wine while you’re painting. Or grab a smoothie and let the artistic sides of you take over. If you’re more risky, go to a nude painting class.

19. Casino Night

If you have a couple of dollars to spare, go to the casino and try your luck! You could walk away with enough money to afford many more date nights in the future – or even a fun little vacation. If you don’t have the money at the moment to gamble, head over for a bite to eat and people watch.

20. Airport People Watching

Don’t laugh – it’s a thing. Where I live, people do it all the time. There are some good cafes there to sit, eat, and people watch at the same time. If you want to see interesting things and peculiar people, the airport is always a good idea.

21. Go-Karting

I just recently went go-karting for the first time at an actual track and it was amazing! It was fun to compete against my boyfriend and my friends and even though I lost against him majorly, it was a lot of fun for a reasonable price. You should give it a try!

22. Watch the Sunset at the Beach

Bring a big comfortable blanket and some snacks and head down to the beach to watch the sunset together. It’s romantic, relaxing, and fun. You’ll have good conversations with even better company.

23. Go for a Drive

Who says you need a definitive destination? If you have some spare time, take a trip with no destination and go out adventure hunting – or just for a miniature road trip! Who knows what you’ll find on the way.

24. Bungee Jumping/Sky Diving

Although you’ll never catch me falling out of the sky (hopefully), it could be a fun activity for you and your significant other! You can go bungee jumping strapped together or you can cheer one another on one at a time. I’ve even heard of naked bungee jumping for free. (Hey, if you’re interested in saving some money go for it!) Either jump out of the plane together or wait for your significant other on the bottom – the choice is up to you.

25. Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you’re interested in a romantic trip into the sky together, this one’s for you! Plan a day in the summer to go out for a hot air balloon ride. You can hold on tight to each other as you look onto the beautiful scenery below you.

26. Mini Golfing

Go mini golfing! It’s a fun little evening activity that you can do with your loved one. Enjoy friendly competition with each other and try to get that hole in one!

27. Arcade

Go to an arcade together if there’s any in your area and let your inner kid go. Try your luck at the basketball toss or dance dance revolution.

28. Volunteer together

Nothing is sexier than seeing your significant other helping others. Volunteer together, whether it be with the less fortunate, an animal shelter, or picking up garbage for your neighborhood.

29. Go to an Escape Room

Go with another couple and try out an escape room or go alone and try to crack the clues! It’s a game where you enter a room and find the clues to escape. All are different and cater to different skill levels and themes!

30. Go to the Dark Table Restaurant

For those of you that don’t know, the dark table is a regular restaurant – but here’s the catch: it’s in the pitch black. You can’t see anything and you’re served by waiters who are vision impaired or fully blind. The fun is that you can’t see what you’re doing and it is a fun experience with funny waiters that like to mess with you. Give it a try, it’s a nice change from a boring dinner!


So, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy your dates and don’t neglect the romance even though it’s not a new relationship anymore. It’s just as important to get out and enjoy yourselves together now as it was when your relationship was new. Use these date night ideas if you’re clueless about what to do.

A twenty-two year old Canadian that longs to travel the world. I crave adventure and the kind of romance that most people believe only exists in fairytales. The perfect day to me sounds like hanging out with my dog as I write stories filled with supernatural creatures, magic, and passion that makes your toes curl.


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