Never go to Bed Angry – 5 Reasons to Live by This Rule

Going to bed after an argument might seem like the best way to solve it, but that’s far from the truth. Here’s why you should never go to bed angry.

If you’re like us, you may fix a lot of your problems with sleep. Wow, I have so much homework, let me go take a nap or I should probably clean my room. Nah, I’ll do it tomorrow morning. Cue hopping into bed and passing out for twelve hours. Sound familiar? We totally understand. Sometimes sleep is exactly what you need. But that being said, you should still never go to bed angry.

But unfortunately for us problem-solver sleepers, sometimes heading to bed just makes the issue at hand even worse. This is especially true when it comes to problems in a relationship. If you’re angry with your significant other, the last thing you should do is head to bed! In order to make your relationship last, here are 5 reasons you should never go to bed angry.

1. Suppressing the Anger Doesn’t Solve Anything

Sometimes when you go to bed angry, you miraculously wake up happy. This sleep-induced transformation may seem like a blessing, but it’s often a curse. If you were angry for a reason and that reason was never addressed, sleeping away the pain is just suppressing your frustration. This anger will surface again at another point, and this time it will be way worse than the last. You should always address an issue instead of just sleeping it away.

2. The Argument Can Escalate

If you go to bed without resolving an issue with your significant other, the little argument you’re having may escalate into something way, way bigger – something that can put your whole relationship at risk. Leaving yourself or your partner to stir in anger all night is not a good idea. Put in the effort of solving the issue so you never go to bed angry.

3. Stay Regret-Free

Never go to bed angry with bae because if something bad happens to them during the night, you’ll never forgive yourself. You don’t want your last memory with them to be fighting and then falling asleep. Sorry to go there, but the reality is we never know what is going to happen. You may end up regretting the fact that you didn’t just put in the extra half hour to discuss the problem. Communication can save a relationship. So you need to try.

4. It’s Bad for Your Health

If you go to with your head spinning from anger, your frustration will slip into your subconscious and mess with your REM sleep. You’ll be tossing and turning all night. You may even have nightmares that make the issue ten times worse. Save yourself from losing sleep and fix things with your significant other before you lay your head down on the pillow.

5. There are Better Ways to Deal

Forget about sleeping, there are way better ways to deal with your anger. Here are some ideas: go for a run, talk it out with bae, write in your journal, get your nails done, go online shopping, vent to your friends. There are million other things that are better than losing sleep, suppressing anger, or turning the argument into something bigger than it truly is. Find a different outlet to deal with the anger, one that won’t make the problem worse so you never go to bed angry.

We know that sleeping often seems like the cure to everything. But the truth is, when you wake up from your dreams, you’re still faced with the same issues that you had before you shut your eyes. So for the health of your relationship, never go to bed angry.

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