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Get Back Out There – How to Reenter the Dating World with Ease

Whether you’re getting out of a relationship or the single life, reentering the dating world can be really intimidating. Here’s how to get back out there.

Do-or-Don’t protocols for millennial dating change so quickly that you may be wondering: Are people still using Tinder? Can I use emojis without seeming too desperate? Can I bring up my ex on a first date? Yes, yes, and still definitely no. If you’re ready to date again but are feeling lost and need a guide in order to get back out there, take a deep breath because we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 ways to enter the dating world like a pro.

1. Meet Someone in Real Life

Okay, so you can dabble in dating apps, but who really wants their next long-term relationship to start on an app? Instead of becoming obsessed with dating apps, get back out there in the real world and meet someone in real life. Head to the bar, a cafe, the park, or even a local music festival. Do it the old fashion way and strike up a conversation with a stranger. Your love story will be way cuter if it starts with a “Hey,” rather than a right swipe.

2. Ask Someone to Dinner

When it comes to figuring out the perfect setting for a date, say no the movies. Going to the movie theater (without a dinner date beforehand) is so middle school. Be part of the chivalry’s comeback and ask your date out for dinner. Drinks, of course, is the more casual way to do it, but if you really like the potential person, go all the way and ask them for some food along with those drinks.

3. Put Your Phone Away

When you’re at the bar scoping out the crowd for a new someone, put your phone away! You’re not going to meet anyone by looking at your screen. Also, when you’re actually on a date, try to put your phone away for the whole time. No one likes to feel as if they’re being ignored for another person, especially one that’s not even in the room. Try to stay present and locked into the conversation.

4. Give Them a Chance

Say yes to dates. Just because someone doesn’t fit your (very specific) criteria, doesn’t mean you can’t give them a chance. There’s no harm in saying yes and seeing how it goes for an hour or so. You may be pleasantly surprised. They may turn out to be your new boo or a new friend. Don’t judge a book by its cover. The least you could do is get a little flirty and try to read the first chapter.

5. Don’t be Discouraged

The number one rule of the millennial dating scene is not to get discouraged if the person that you kind of like doesn’t like you back (or doesn’t text you back or follow you back or snap you back). There are so many ways for one person to reject you in the 21st century that the sting of a dismissal spreads over a multitude of channels and can last for days. Don’t allow one let down to scare you away from the dating world.

Dear our little dating debutant, you are now ready for the world of millennial love. Put your fear of rejection (and your phone) away and get back out there in the dating world and ask that unsuspecting someone to dinner. You’ve got this dating scene completely under control!

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