You Were Cheated On – What’s Next

When you think you have it all… An amazing career, great hair and you’re just a good person in general… BUT, your ex BF still cheats on you with a ratchet girl with no self respect, has no career at the age of thirty something, wears pounds of make up, clearly knows he’s in a relationship and lives across the country in a hick town…  Yup, this happened to me but I quickly got over it. So ladies, put that pint of chocolate chip ice cream down and read these tips on how you can get over this hump like I did.

This might be the first time or he/she has done this multiple times. This was the second time he did this to me. The first time I made the mistake of staying with him because I had a fear of being alone. DO NOT stay with someone just because of the fear of change in your lifestyle.  I’ve learned that people really can’t change. You are probably thinking you can change him/her or they are promising that they will change. It’s really hard for a person to change. Plus, you will always have some kind of insecurities and will never 100% trust them again. Why would you want to be in a relationship with someone that you have to worry about?

Don’t go after her. I mean don’t go after the other person. It is not all their fault it’s your partner’s too. I see this a lot. Especially with girls. Girls want to blame the other girl more instead of their own partner. Its like HELLO he did it too, are you that dumb? Don’t even get involved with the other party. As much as you want to, don’t! It will create more drama which you do not need in this situation.

I had to prioritize my own needs and protect myself.   Finally for the first time in three years, I put myself first. I started going to the gym, going out with my girlfriends, spending money on myself instead of his broke a** and focusing on launching my own company. I had so much fun and felt empowered! I deserved this!

Learn about forgiveness vs. revenge. As humans most of us instantly want to get back at the other person.  Doing so just makes you look as low as a person as they are.  However, forgiveness is the best revenge! Trust me on this one.

I wanted to take a moment to thank that girl who was having a relationship (not physically) with my ex. THANK YOU!!!! I am happy to say I have forgave both parties and moved on from this learning experience that I am very thankful for.   I have now met the man of my dreams who will never treat me like this. I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with him.  Everything truly does happen for a reason!

Not born in Autumn, Autumn Marie is a Cali girl who is always on the go- with a matcha green tea in hand. She has a huge soft spot for The Bachelor, Wine, her Husky, and vegan donuts. Best way to distract her, anything glittery!

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