What To Do If He Didn’t Call/Text

It’s safe to say that everyone has experienced the dreaded moment you realize they’re not going to call you even after what you thought was a great date. You are probably angry, sad and you definitely wasted a good outfit.  This happened to me when I was in high school- but maybe it’s happening to you right this second.  Here are some ideas on why he/she didn’t call you back.

1. He’s Busy!

Depending on how long it’s been since you went out, maybe he just hasn’t had the time to contact you. Although, if he hasn’t had the decency to text you at least once within the last 24 hours, just let that fish back into the sea. You want to invest your time into someone who is worthy and truly values it, not someone who didn’t feel the chemistry like you did. Plus, a quick text takes like two seconds out of his day to send.

2. Call Him Yourself, Take initiative!

Don’t be scared to be straightforward. Unfortunately there are so many stipulations on who needs to call who first or how long to wait before you act interested. DON’T DO IT! If you play games, you’ll get players in return. You don’t want to set that as your standard- make it clear that your time is valuable and you’re not interested in that sort of thing. (unless you are…) Most guys will really appreciate you making the first move!  Who doesn’t want an independent, strong woman? Scaredy-cats.

3. He’s Just Not That Into You…

Unfortunately, this could be the problem. Maybe he doesn’t want to flat out tell you and hurt your feelings, or maybe he doesn’t even care enough to be honest.  Sometimes there isn’t enough chemistry to make it work on both ends. Don’t let this bother you too much. You don’t want to get a year into your relationship only to realize you care about him more than he cares for you.

4. Hang Out With Friends, Family OR Go On Another Date!

If you’re the suffer in silence type, this won’t apply to you- but  personally when I’m hurt it helps me to be around people that love and truly care about me. If you feel absolutely alone in this- please don’t. Even I’m always willing to have a new friend, so don’t be afraid to reach out because you’re not alone. Join a local club and meet some new friends- who knows, maybe you’ll connect with someone there!

5. It’s NOT Your Fault.

Please. It is definitely not your fault if they’re not interested. It has nothing to do with your beauty, intelligence, kindness, or any other of your wonderful attributes. And if you did find someone who told you it was because of anything like that, praise god they showed their true colors before you got any more invested in them. You couldn’t have done anything differently, and even if you could have, don’t torture yourself with that kind of thinking. If they didn’t stick it out to see the possibilities or what a great human you are, that’s their problem now.

The moral of the story is that it happens to everyone, don’t let it get to you. They missed out on something that could have been great, and you avoided someone who didn’t have the decency to at least give you closure on the possibilities that ran through your head. There will be plenty of others, but one day, you’ll find your person.

A twenty-two year old Canadian that longs to travel the world. I crave adventure and the kind of romance that most people believe only exists in fairytales. The perfect day to me sounds like hanging out with my dog as I write stories filled with supernatural creatures, magic, and passion that makes your toes curl.


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