Motivation to Get You Back on Your Feet After a Bad Breakup


Going through a bad breakup is never easy.  I’ve definitely had my fair share of breakups.  Losing someone can make you feel all kinds of emotions.  You can’t get out of bed, you can’t eat, you don’t know how life is without your partner. Girl, you got it bad! Here are some tips to get back on your feet just like I did.

First and foremost,  stop stalking your ex. Delete him/her from every social media outlet possible. Better yet, block them! The only way to move forward is forgiving your ex. No matter what. I always have a tough time forgiving an ex.  Trust me, it is so much easier to move on once you forgive.

You probably went out a lot with your ex, or you spent money on him/her. Were you the sugar momma too?  It’s now time to spoil yourself!  One of the first things I did after a break was got a massage & facial.  With makeovers you feel  like a new woman and ready to take on the world. Your confidence level is back up and you are feeling fresh AF!  I have a habit of giving myself a makeover with a hair change.  I dated one guy that hated when I had dark hair. He said I looked like a porn star. Rude, I know!  So right after we broke up,  I dyed my hair dark asap. I loved it!

Spoil yourself with a gym pass! Working out was my go to place to get my mind off of everything. It’s kind of like therapy but only there are hot sweaty guys walking around.   Not only that, there’s nothing better than a sexy revenge body.  Also, eating healthier. Okay, so you had a couple pints of ice cream, an extra large pizza and maybe some wine too.  It’s okay to splurge that first night however, eating healthier doesn’t only make you feel better but you will look better too. 

Take that cooking class you always wanted to do.  Get back into YOUR hobbies or find a new hobby. My hobby was blogging. It kept me busy as I would do photoshoots constantly that made my confidence level go back up. Plus your mind is surrounded by positive vibes and creativity.

This is your time to figure out  your purpose in life. We become so much stronger letting go of what brought us down.  Going through breakups can make us not only stronger but smarter and healthier. So go get that gym pass and start working on becoming a better YOU!  

Not born in Autumn, Autumn Marie is a Cali girl who is always on the go- with a matcha green tea in hand. She has a huge soft spot for The Bachelor, Wine, her Husky, and vegan donuts. Best way to distract her, anything glittery!

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