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The Best Sex Positions EVER and Here’s Why

 So you are in a long-term relationship and you’re caught in this trap of sex becoming a boring routine. Lets face it, we all like sex! However, missionary gets old quick!  Over time, your sex drive may start to plummet because the excitement that used to be there is gone. It’s important to come up with new ways to keep that sexual spark alive- and by new ways I mean, “positions.”  Here are our top five favorite positions you and your partner will love!

Reverse Cowgirl: This position gives the lady the reins, which means full control goes to her. She can control the depth of penetration and the pace while her partner can just admire her backside. Sounds like a win win situation, right?


  The Lap Dance: If you’re in the mood for a more passionate sex sesh, this position is for you. This is a face to face position so it allows the opportunity for eye contact and making out. (which are two of my personal favorite things) Get creative and stimulate each other’s upper body, it’ll be a fun time.

 Butter Churner:   This one is meant for those of us who like to get a little wild and are flexible enough to do so. The girl lay’s on her back with her legs completely raised over her head while he squats over her. It’s a tough one but challenges are always nice.

Restroom Attendant: This one is perfect for releasing our frustration such as make up sex. This position is meant to be quick and easy. The girl just needs to bend over while standing against a wall. This can be done in a massage room, your bathroom and even a fitting room if you’re feeling risqué.

  The Ballet Dancer: This is a hot quickie that can be done outdoors and gives her the control of depth, thrusting and angle. All you have to do is stand facing each other while she raises one leg up and wraps it around his rear to pull him in. From personal experience, this is a great position to do while you’re in the shower. Don’t be afraid to get hot and steamy!

There are so many fun positions to try every night of the week and I’ll guarantee that it’ll give your relationship a boost of intimacy and fun.  Spice things up and don’t hold back!

Yasmin is a NYC native with big dreams and even bigger goals. She's obsessed with manifesting her desires and making her creative visions come to life. She's a lover of all things spiritual, travel, nature and aesthetically pleasing coffee shops.

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