The Couple Goals isn’t your average relationship website. While many other platforms offer advice you want to hear, we dish out the advice you need to hear – regardless of your feelings. We’re all about bringing the real, raw, and unfiltered information you need in order to get your relationships in gear and on the track to success.

We’re all about healthy relationships. Forget about all the clichés and bullshit stereotypes with relationships. What you need is the advice that’s actually going to work. That’s what Couple Goals brings to the table.

What we offer:

A unique, inspiring, and honest platform that will get right to the chase in any way you so desire.  We’re not about the fluff. We’re about being straightforward with our audience.

Your brand will be featured both right here on our site and on our interactive Instagram account with over 4 million followers and counting. We have opportunities ranging from blog posts, photos, features, polls, photo galleries, and customizable options that fit your brand’s needs.

Collaborate with us and help us rid the world of shitty, half-assed relationships.

Contact us at for more information.

We look forward to working with you!

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